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Create Longer Windows With Your Shades and Blinds

With small rooms in your home you can create the illusion of bigger space just by adjusting the window treatments.  Well chosen shades and blinds will make a big difference in how the room feels.

There are a lot more to the windows in your home beyond the functional features of allowing light and air to enter.  If dressed for window success they can be an attention grabbing focal point that shows off your unique style and taste.  Most of us love how a room looks with larger than life windows, but hesitate to have them installed.  You can however incorporate some decorating tips that will make your existing windows appear larger and create the effect of a spacious, airy room.

Shades and blinds are a wonderful window dressing that are easily incorporated into any style and décor of a home.  When you are trying to create the appearance of more space, use custom roman shades or roller blinds to cover your windows.  Don’t fit them inside of the window frame though.  Instead have them hung outside of the window frame, starting well above the top.  This gives the impression that the window is much taller than it really is.  Use this technique with a wide curtain rod to hang a light or sheer valence.  If you us heavy curtains the window will appear boxed in and the effect will be lost.

As with the curtain, you will want the color of your shade to be light as well.  Roman shades and roller blinds come in a variety of colors that you can choose from that will soften the look of the room and complement your décor. If you have a pattern in mind, keep it simple.  A cluttered blind will make the room feel cluttered and destroy the allusion of space.  A light stripe is a good compromise, so long as the stripes are vertical.  Just like with fashion, horizontal stripes will make the window appear wider, while vertical ones give the appearance of length.

Light, particularly natural light also enhances a room and will make it feel more spacious.  When choosing the blind or shade go as sheer as possible to allow in the most sunlight.  If privacy is an issue use a blind instead of a shade in order to adjust the slats to allow the sunlight in. 

There are a couple of other tricks you can employ along with the blinds and shades to help make your window a showcase while at the same time creating an illusion of length.  It is typical to paint the window frame with a high gloss white paint.  If you continue that paint above and below the frame, it will appear as if you have floor-to-ceiling windows by blurring the top and bottom of the window with the wall.  You can also do the same with curtains if you choose to use inside the frame blinds or shades.  Don’t allow the curtain at the bottom level of the window, instead let it drape down to the floor. 

There are many things that you can do with window coverings that will allow your windows to pop out, giving you the opportunity to make the built in features of the room a stunning eye-catcher.  Take advantage of that to showcase your own personal flair for decorating.