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Plantation Shutters to Add Beauty and Value to Your Home

Shutters installed on the interior of your windows gives your home character that you just cannot find with other window treatments.  If you are trying to create a unique look for your home, consider installing custom plantation shutters.

Some people may shy away from plantation shutters, thinking that they leave little options with decorating style.  Not only is this untrue, there are also other benefits of plantation shutters that you will not get with traditional blinds and shades.  If you haven’t considered them for fear of the cost, think again.  You can now find beautiful plantation shutters made with faux wood, keeping them affordable while still maintaining their appeal. 

Of all the blinds available, plantation shutters offer the most versatility in terms of light.  Completely closed they have almost the same darkening effect on a room as a blackout shade.  With their larger slats you can use the tilt option to allow more sunlight in, or go crazy and open them all the way.  Shutters open into the room, not up, so there are also no messy cords to deal with.

Even if you have no other window treatment besides a shutter, the window will still look complete. You can however dress it up in your own style with curtains and valences, which will also help to soften the look.  Use a sheer curtain to allow the beauty of your shutters shine through, or leave them as is and only use valences to dress them up.  Install valences so that the bottom barely grazes the top of the shutter allowing you to still open them with no problem.  This look will not add sophistication to the room, it will make it appear more spacious by giving the illusion of a larger window.

A benefit of plantation shutters that many people don’t realize is the effect they have on the value of your home.  Other types of window treatments are considered to be removable and counted when your home’s value assessed.  Despite the fact that most will be left behind due to the different sized windows in the new house. On the other hand, plantation blinds could be considered an investment.  Once installed, they are a permanent feature in your home, adding value as well as appeal to potential buyers.  Even from the outside plantation shutters are eye catching and will be a big selling point if you do ever decide to put your home on the market.

There are options to consider with plantation shutters, even after choosing from the array of colors and stains.  The size of the louvers can vary from 2 ½ inch for privacy and light control, to the larger 4 ½ inch louver which are wonderful if you have a beautiful view to look out onto.  Right in the middle are 3 ½ inch louvers which are the most popular, giving you some privacy while still maximizing the natural sunlight of the room.  You can also choose whether you would like them custom built with the vertical tilt bar running down the middle, or if you would like it hidden for a contemporary look.

The added sophistication and character that plantation shutters offer, plus the equity it brings makes them something to seriously consider when you are ready to change the look of your home with its window décor.