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Motorizing Your Existing Blinds or Shades

Motorizing Your Existing Blinds or Shades

There are a number of reasons why you may be considering motorization for your blinds or shades.  Not having unsightly, and potentially dangerous, cords is a big motivation as is the desire to open and close a blind or shade that is covering a window in a hard to reach place.  Whatever the reason may be, if you are thinking about adding motorization now you will first have to consider the age and condition of the blinds or shades you already have.

There are some windows that are just difficult to reach.  Like the ones over a doorway in your foyer.  If you add motorization you can control the amount of light that enters through these windows as well as the amount of privacy they afford and energy efficiency.  If large enough, the cost of adding motorization could be offset by the amount of money you save yearly on your heating and cooling bill by having more control over the amount of sunlight entering the room and by the added insulation to the window.

Other type of home automation controls can also be integrated into the one controlling your blinds or shades, such as systems that remotely control lighting or a home entertainment system.  It is possible to synchronize the operation of your shades or blinds with other remote controlled systems to make a room, or even the whole house, operate with one single control.

If your existing shade or blind is older and not in perfect working condition then adding motorization is not a good option.  Consider instead replacing it first instead with a more modern window treatment and have the motorization added at that time.  This is especially helpful when dealing with out of reach windows where you won’t have the ability to adjust them if the slats become crooked or the shade only rises on one side.

 If you are in the market for shades or blinds now and are thinking about adding the motorization feature at a later date, remember that you will essentially be putting yourself through the installation process twice.  You are better off to splurge on the investment at the same time and have them installed simultaneously.  Motorization is more affordable than you think.  Don’t immediately dismiss it just because you think it may be out of your price range.

Some motorization upgrades will not require hard wiring or the need for an outlet.  They run on batteries instead making installation a snap.  These options rely on long-lasting batteries that won’t require them to be changed often.  Consider this as an option though only if getting to the window is not completely out of the question.

Motorization of your blinds and shades is an investment that will also increase your homes marketability.  Most people have no use for the blinds and shades in their house when they move. Leaving behind motorized ones is a good selling point for a home.

Whatever your needs may be, motorization is an easy and convenient option for just about any window and any type of window treatment.  Consult with a shade and blind expert to see how you can get the most benefit from them in your home.