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What’s Trending in Window Treatments

Like with everything else, the way we cover our windows has a lot to do with what is considered trendy at the moment.  Any number of things can cause a sudden surge in popularity of an item, such as its appearance on a hit T.V. show or endorsement by a beloved celebrity.  Whatever the cause, consumers taste in window coverings change from year to year, and while there are traditional looks that will never go out of style, they will always be revamped in some way.

It seems like the trend for organic is everywhere these days, even in the way we cover our windows.  Homeowners following the eco friendly trend are using real wood blinds or bamboo shades to give them privacy and light control.  Wood blinds are lovely in any home, and add a richness to a room that is hard to achieve with other types of window coverings.  You can even take it a step further and add real wood shutters.  Not only do shutters offer a unique touch of elegance, they will also increase your homes value.

Bamboo shades are also made with organic materials and will add a warmth to the room that stark blinds and shutters can’t.  The woven material can be colored to match any décor and they are versatile enough to be installed with the top down bottom up feature, which allows you to let sunlight in through the top of the window while the bottom half remains covered for privacy.

Homeowners are also using their window treatments to make bold statements about their personal style with printed shades.  This is accomplished easily with any fabric based shade, such as roman or honeycomb.  Bold colors, patterns and even prints are being used to make a large window in a room the main focal point.

Textured Roman Shades

Textured Roman Shades

Roman shades can be made with virtually any available material and are the perfect option for this window treatment trend.  You can choose patterns that have a base complementary to your existing décor to make your windows stand out in the room.  You also can choose the fabric, giving you even more ways to get your window to stand out.

The last window treatment trend is sleek lines.  Homeowners want window treatments that look refined and finished not at all fussy.  They prefer now the muted texture that roman shades bring to a room with their flat pleats as opposed to heavy drapery and valences.  The trend is also to hang window treatments inside of the frame, allowing the beauty of the window to be highlighted.  Along with this movement towards a sleek finish is the desire to eliminate unsightly cords, which is an option on almost every type of blind and shade, including roman.

We follow trends sometimes without even realizing it, making mental notes of pictures we see in a magazine or even on T.V.  With your homes windows treatments it is always important to keep in mind that this is something you are not going to want to have to change in just a few short months.  It’s okay to be trendy, but make sure it is something you can live with for years.