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Guide for Buying Blinds and Shades On-line

When trying to choose new window treatments for your home, you need the time to explore the many options available.  On-line shops give you the time you need to discover all that blinds and shades have to offer so that you can make a decision without being rushed.

It makes no difference if you priority is privacy, style, light control or all three.  Shopping for window treatments is a daunting task.  You need to decide if you want the room to be casual or if the window dressing needs to be more formal.  You also have an array of materials to choose from, and with that colors and patterns.  All of these choices make it difficult to decide with one visit to a home center.  The better way is by researching and buying your blinds and shades from a reputable on-line store.

Our homes windows have come a long way since the days of hanging curtains and valences.  Now you can make the window the focal point of a room using blinds or shades that are not only decorative, but functional too.  Blinds and shades are versatile and can offer a room many benefits beyond great style.  When you are ready to sit down and begin to browse your blind and shade options, have a pencil and pen handy and write down these things that need to be considered:

·         How you want the space to feel:  Are you decorating for a room that you would like to be bright and airy, or do you prefer cozy?  If you want to create the feel of an open space, fabric shades such as roman shades can give your room a fresh look without being stuffy.  For those on the more conservative side, a good choice for cozy is wood or faux wood blinds. 

·         Light and Privacy:  Different materials and designs offer different levels of light and privacy.  If privacy is not an issue, then look at the selection of sheer roller blinds the on-line store has.  You can pick a color or pattern that complements the style of the room.  If you want partial privacy options and complete control over the flow of light than adjustable blinds are available too.  Look to see if the on-line store has top down, bottom up options with their blinds and shades.  This gives you the maximum control over both light and privacy.

When shopping on-line for blinds and shades, you will need to take measurements of the windows.  This is done easily in just a few simple steps.  You will need a steel measuring tape and pencil and paper.  If your blinds or shades are to sit inside of the window frame then start by measuring the width.  Measure at the top, middle and bottom, round down to an 1/8th of an inch and use the smallest of the three measurements.  Then measure the height using the same procedure only round up to the nereast 1/8th of an inch and take the largest number of the three.

For outside mounts, follow the same steps, only using the space outside of the window frame as your point of reference.

On-line shopping can make time consuming tasks like choosing window treatments relaxed and easy.  Use it the next time you need to dress up an window and you will find the normally daunting task much more simle.