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How to Make Sure That the Right Window Gets the Right Window Treatment

Just as homes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so do their windows.  Not always perfectly square, specialty windows carry a need for special window treatments.  Before you give up and throw an old sheet over everything, take a look at the more common designer windows and what you can do to dress them up.

French doors do offer a unique challenge as blinds and shades could interfere with opening and closing the door.  That doesn’t mean you can’t use them, you just need to choose wisely.  1 inch and 1/2 inch blinds and shades should make a good fit. Do you want an insider tip?  Use hold down brackets on the bottom of the window covering.  This keeps it in place when the door is opened.

Arch windows typically are located above a door or other large window and only serve as an additional source of light for a room.  Both its shape and position make finding a window treatment that is also functional an impossible feat.  Most home owners opt for the arch shade, fans out inside of the window.

Skylights and other windows mounted into the roof pose a unique dilemma for window coverings.  You can use an energy efficient skylight shade which helps maintain the inside temperature while still allowing light in.  With these types of hard to reach windows, it is best to have blinds or shades installed with a motorized control.  This gives you the opportunity to open and close the shade at the push of a button.

The second story of your home is where you usually find the bedrooms, and where you normally look for the most privacy.  It is the bottom half of your windows that is usually affording the view, so install top-down/ bottom up blinds and shades so that you can still get the privacy you need from the bottom half of your shade and allow light in from the top half.

Sliding and patio doors are usually outfitted with vertical blinds.  They have to be mounted outside of the frame for the door to work properly.  If there are other windows in the room that are utilizing blinds or shades, you could install those over your patio door to maintain consistency in the room.  Just remember to use a two on one head rail so the you can enter and exit freely without having to lift the entire blind at one time.

For every window type in your home, there are dozens of ways to spruce it up with different style window coverings that come in a variety of colors and fabrics.  Don’t let large windows and odd shapes stop you from finding the window covering that shows off your personal flair and designer taste.