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Deciding Which Type of Window Shade Best Fits Your Decor

Using drapery and standard curtains can make a home seem out dated.  If you desire to infuse your house with a fresh energy, the first place to start is with the window treatments.  Replacing curtains with shades will instantly convert a stuffy space into a sophisticated sanctuary.

When changing your window treatments you have to consider the needs of each individual room, in some cases of each individual window within a room.  Do the shades need to give you full privacy or control the amount of light that enters?  In some cases you may just be dressing the window up and functionality is not important.  In either case you have many options to choose from.

Roman Shades

there are literally thousands of choices when deciding to decorate with Roman Shades

there are literally thousands of choices when deciding to decorate with Roman Shades

Being made from fabric, roman shades can give you the same warmth that curtains did, yet with more style.  With the multitude and fabrics and design patterns to work with you can incorporate them easily into any room in the room.  Even hard to decorate windows like those found over the kitchen sink and large bay windows.  You have the option of choosing between cotton, polyester, linen or silk fabric with roman shades as well as the fold pattern.

Roman shades are typically offered with three different options in the fold pattern.  Classic or flat will give your window treatment a clean look whether raised or closed or you can choose to add more texture to the room with a hobbled style fold that most resembles traditional draperies.  With any style you can have the bottom curved to give the room even more flair.

Roller Shades

If you want a shade that be discreetly hidden from view when opened, then roller shades are the better choice.  Like the name implies, they are able to roll completely onto a round bar allowing a view that is entirely unobstructed.  You can take the illusion a step further by installing a chic valence over the rollers in a color that complements the one on your shade.


Like with roman shades, you have the ability to choose from a vast array of styles and even patterns for your roller shades.  In addition, you can add more functionality by installing light filtering or even black out fabrics to your shades.  Again, it all depends on the needs of the window that you are sprucing up.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycombs look like a blind but act like a shade.  With two layers of fabric that are folded in opposite directions, a honeycomb shade offers increased insulation to the window and protection from harmful UV rays.  Once again you have many choices in colors and patterns with honeycomb shades making them an easy fit into any décor style.

Choose cordless shades, for safety and asthetics

Choose cordless shades, for safety and asthetics

With cordless options and design patterns from Disney, honeycomb shades are ideal for a child’s room.  Plus you can add a room darkening feature to encourage sleeping for a baby or toddler at any time of the day.

Replacing curtains and drapery with shades allows you the cozy feel of fabric but with the sophistication of clean lines.  If you are ready for a window treatment upgrade and don’t want to something drastic, then fabric shades are your best choice.