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Finding the Window Treatments that Best Suits Your Style

Decorating your home is a personal venture where your own taste and style is being put on display.  This is your comfort zone and should reflect those things that you cherish the most.  One way to accomplish this is by spending a little extra time looking at your windows and choosing a treatment that is not only functional for the space, but expresses your own style.

The Relaxed Roman Shade

Roman shades have the softness of fabric like curtains, but the function of light and privacy control.  When they are relaxed, they have a distinctive curvature at the bottom that adds a touch of feminine elegance to the window.  Great for a master bedroom suite that is heavily feminine in décor, or a traditional style room where you want to soften the harsh lines of a window.

The Flat Roman Shade

Not everyone will appreciate that feminine touch, which is where the flat lines of this type of Roman shade will be appreciated.  Neither feminine nor masculine, this type of shade is versatile for any room in your home.  You have the ability to jazz it up with your own style by choosing colored or printed patterns in a variety of different materials.  Pick a bright colorful pattern to add a wow factor in a sparsely decorated space, or keep them simple and clean to allow other room elements like a fireplace to take center stage.

Cellular Shades

If your style is more subdued, consider the versatility of cellular shades.  The cloth covering gives them the softness of a shade, while the design gives it the function of a blind. These types of window treatments are a perfect complement to any space in your home.  This is an especially viable choice when you have large bay windows as a center piece in a room.  By hanging cellular shades inside of the frames of the bay window you allow the architectural beauty to take center stage while the shades are able to give you the light control and privacy you crave.

Plantation Blinds

Nothing adds a zing to the look and feel of a home quite the way that plantation blinds will.  Made with either natural or faux wood, plantation blinds are the only window treatment that will add value to your home.  If your style preference is traditional elegance than plantation blinds will deliver just that.  Besides being great enhancements to your house, they also provide optimal light and privacy control, along with protection from drafty windows. 

Room Darkening Elements

For some people, practicality is their style and there is no better way to show that then by adding a room darkening fabric to your shades.  These give you the chance to use roman or cellular shades in your home while getting the benefit of a total blackout from the sun.

Your home is where you go after a long day of working and should be a peaceful place that makes you feel completely comfortable.  Accomplish that by choosing window treatments that make you feel good to look out through them.