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Surviving Your Quest for the Perfect Window Treatments

You spent months going to pouring through listings and going to open houses until you finally found the home you were looking for.  Now that the closing is complete and the furniture in place, you are looking at over a dozen windows that need to be covered.   Window coverings are a big chore for a new homeowner.  Start at the basics and work your way through these steps to perfectly decorating the windows in your new home.

Decide on a Budget

Before thinking about the types of shades or blinds you want in your new home, browse through on-line stores to get an idea of price and then decide how much you can afford to spend on window treatments.  Blinds and shades are not something you will be changing often so don’t skimp in order to save a few dollars.  Consider window coverings to be a long term investment in your home and budget accordingly.


Start with the rooms that you spend the most time in like the bedrooms and kitchen and save the un-used spaces for last.  This will help to keep the project from becoming overwhelming and allow you to focus your attention on exactly how you want the blinds or shades to complement each room.

Figure out the Function

It is possible that each room in your home will have different needs that you have to consider.  Bedrooms may be extra bright in the early morning, necessitating a black out shade so that sleep is not disturbed.  The family room could have a large picture window that looks out onto a busy street.  Here, privacy would be your top concern.  Before choosing a style, you have to think about what each window will need.

Know What You Like

This is the fun part, when you actually get to start thinking about styles and color combinations.  Go through magazines and cut out pictures of rooms that you wish you had or browse on-line and ear mark pages where you see a window treatment that inspires you.  Once you have enough ideas, do some more on-line checking at a blinds store to see what is available that can make the vision you have of a space turn into a reality.

Measure the Windows Correctly

There are two ways to hang blinds or shades, either inside the frame of the window or outside.  Inside the frame stream lines the look and draws attention to the window itself, while outside the frame will make the window appear to be larger than it really is.  Once you decide which way you want to hang yours measure how big the window covering will need to be.  Your on-line blinds and shades dealer will have detailed instructions on how to do this.

Now all you have to do is wait for your new window treatments to arrive and follow the detailed instructions included to hang them.  As you complete each room in the house, you will see the difference in how it looks and how you suddenly feel like the new house has become your home.