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The Sheer Shade Solution

We look at window treatments as a way to control natural sunlight that enters our room, plus a way to afford us privacy.  They also should provide the window with extra insulation from the elements, keeping the conditioned or heated air inside our homes and helping to keep the outside air from getting in.  This all makes the idea of sheer shades seem counter-productive, but if done right, a sheer shade is a lovely way to decorate your window while still enjoying all of those benefits.

Sheer shades are a great way to allow you to see outside while still maintaining privacy.  Natural light filters in, and you can look out of your windows, but no one can really see inside unless they get very close to the window.  This is an especially nice feature if your window overlooks a lovely view.

Obviously you don’t want sheer shades in rooms that require complete darkness at times, such as a bedroom or nursery, but they are great for rooms where you want to take advantage of the sun as a lighting option.  You also have the option of different levels of sheerness, allowing you more flexibility in both lighting and privacy.

A new option for sheer shades are those that are constructed to work as a blind.  Inside the shade are horizontal slats which can be tilted open, just like a traditional blind giving you a fuller view of the outside and allowing more light in.  With the sheer fabric that is used, light will still gently infuse the room even when the slats are closed, unlike traditional blinds that will completely block light filtration. 

This is a great solution if you love the look of soft sheer shades for a bedroom but are concerned about darkness.  A sheer room darkening shade is sheer when the inner slats are open but provide maximum blockage of light when the slats are closed allowing you to sleep in long after the sun comes up.

You can use sheer shades to complement any décor style.  The wide variety of colors that they are offered in make it easy to fit into the needs of any space offering a light, airy quality as opposed to curtains and draperies.   

The simplicity of a sheer shade is the perfect way to show off the beauty of an architecturally crafted window such as a picture window or bay window.  These types of windows are usually designed to be a focal point in a room, necessitating a window treatment that is functional but does not overwhelm the space.  Sheer shades possess the perfect combination qualities to pull that off.

Don’t dismiss sheer shades based on privacy alone.  They are able to afford a level of privacy which can easily be enhanced by using a darker color or heavier sheer fabric.  When you want to create a space that feels open and airy sheer shades will be the perfect solution.