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Window Issues That Can Be Solved Using Blinds and Shades

There are a number of ways you can use your homes windows and coverings fix design issues in a room.  You can make the space feel warmer or even eliminate sun glare.  Even draft problems can be remedied.  When choosing your window coverings don’t forget that besides being a decorative element, they can work wonderfully at making your living space a harmonious one.

Unless you are of the lucky few whose windows have no issues, then you need to think about performance from you window dressings first.  It is easy to build a beautiful window treatment with the vast variety of styles and colors available to choose from, but you need to decide on their function first.  Is it a bedroom that requires a room darkening shade or blind?  You can incorporate room darkening panels to just about any shade available.  Is the window prone to drafts?  Consider honeycomb shades for their amazing insulation properties.

Now it is time to consider the fabric of your blinds or shades.  In a simply decorated space patterned or brightly colored blinds and shades will add a pop of flair against neutral tones. Or use light sheers to make a room with many dark elements feel more airy.  When you are looking for subtlety choose colors that correlate with the décor in the space.

The main purpose of window treatments is to provide privacy and control the amount of natural sun light that enters a room.  Just about all styles of blinds and shades offer a level of privacy and black out panels can always be added for extra light control.  Roman shades provide both, and have the decorative versatility with different styles to choose from and an endless array of fabrics and colors.

Other ways to control lighting and privacy is with the bottom down-top up option.  This allows you to open your blind or shade from the top, taking advantage of a midday sun to warm a room while still giving you maximum privacy.  With the addition of this option you are further enhancing the functionality of your shades while still using them as a decorative accent.

Choosing the right window treatment can also help in making your home more energy efficient.  Bulky draperies can help insulate a window, but why not go with a more stream lined cellular shade or solar shade.  These can be installed inside the window frame giving the glass panels an extra layer of insulation.  Room darkeners can also work in the summer by blocking direct rays of sunlight from entering the house.  This can go a long way towards conserving on your air conditioning expenses.

Whatever your window need may be, blinds or shades can offer you the solution.  Consider carefully what it is that each window needs and then begin looking for the window covering that will be most beneficial.  Luckily, with the wide variety of options available you will have no problems in finding the window covering that is both functional and a beautiful accent to your home.