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Fabulous Fabric Roller Shades

Of all the different window shade options available in the market today, roller shades are among the most-widely used and practical. These are convenient, simple and affordable and the ones made of fabric, even more so. What makes them so popular is probably the fact that they look great in any room, are light and the installation is easy.


Why Choose Fabric Roller Shades?

You can also choose the fabric you like, light or dark, thick or thin and create the ambiance you want. Fabric roller shades offer some distinct advantages. Let’s take a look at them:

Simplicity- These shades operate on a very basic and non-complicated roller-based mechanism. Even with a number of new products being launched, the essential working of a roller shade has not changed much over the years

 Durability- These simple yet efficient fabric roller shades are highly durable. As long as you pick a good-quality fabric, they can last for years, which adds to their functionality

 Design- The one thing that has probably changed over the years is probably the fact that there is a larger variety in fabric. You can really set your creativity free and add beauty to any room with fabric roller shades. The designs can be as simple or elaborate as you want them to be

Versatility- When homeowners are buying any furniture, furnishing or drapery; they have to ensure that it matches the current styling of their home. For instance paisley print furnishing might not sit too well in a contemporary setting. But this is one thing you don’t have to worry about when you use fabric roller shades. They look amazing in modern as well as classic–style homes.

Cost- These shades offer a lot of value and are an ideal window treatment. They are also easy to maintain, which makes them a very cost-effective option in the long-term.

Their Working

The mechanism that fabric roller shades work on is very simple. Fabric is used to filter and control light. This fabric is attached to a tube and is supported on either end with special brackets. Depending on the kind of control system that has been used, the fabric can be pulled down. Controls such as a spring roller, a spring-assisted clutch, and clutch with a cord loop or geared systems will be used to operate them.

Added Functionality

These shades are also available in a motorized option which adds to their functionality. It means that all those hard-to-reach windows can now be shaded with these beautiful shades. Using remote motorized ones saves you the trouble of reaching up when you want to pull them down.

The range of materials gives you the choice of creating bright or shaded rooms and you are also able to control light filtration easily. Current-day fabric roller shades are much more solid and durable than the ones that were available a few years ago and you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to fabric and designs!