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Combining Style With Privacy For Your Bathroom Windows

If there is one room in your house that you want unconditional privacy it’s your bathroom.  Small windows can offer great views into the space, leaving you open to invasions of privacy. Protect it with style by trying these window treatment ideas.

Liven Up the Space

Unless this is your guest bathroom, you can really go wild with your decorating choices while still maintaining privacy. Let your bathroom be the room where you completely show off your personal style.  Alternate bright colored tiles on the floor and then pick a brightly colored Roman shade to match it.  This is the room that usually starts your day, decorate it so that it starts off fun.

Natural Fibers

Bamboo shades work well in bathrooms thanks to the natural fibers.  Built for use outdoors, the material is more resilient to water damage and mold that could plague other window treatments.  Plus they are versatile enough to fit in with any décor.  Use a valence or side drapery to soften the look if you want a more feminine bathroom.  Use colors that are a stark difference from the wall coloring to make a bold statement and create an interesting focal point.

Add Some Frills

If a bird’s eye view into the bathroom is keeping your blinds closed all of the time, dress them up by sewing on some trim or other unique element.  Use a simple Roman shade of a neutral tone and then some on a bottom trim that matches the other design elements in the room.  You could even coordinate it with your shower curtain by buying two and then using the fabric of one as the trim for your Roman shade. 

Ribbon can also be used down the front of these shades to add some punch to a shade that is never allowed to open.  In a light colored bathroom, dark shades with subtle hints of the room color running down add a striking contrast that will make your bathroom stand out.  Think pink with black shades for modern romance, or yellow and dark green for an earthy feel.

Other Functions

Privacy might not be your only bathroom window issue.  In some homes, these windows may be in the direct path of cold winter winds.  This does not create the warm environment you want to be showering in in the morning.  Cellular shades are the perfect solution to blocking out that wind, providing privacy and giving the window a stylish flair. 

They work by trapping the cold in inside of the individual cells.  This extra insulation for your windows will make a huge difference on a January morning.

You have a lot to consider when choosing window treatments for a bathroom. The good news is this is not a space meant to impress, but rather one that makes you feel comfortable.  Run with that idea and create a bathroom that you will never want to leave.