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Cordless Roman Shades. The Safe & Stylish Choice

Nothing dresses up a room with more class then Roman shades.  This versatile window treatment offers options that will fit any style and décor.  Plus, since they are easily installed without fussy cords, you have no reason to be concerned about the little ones or your pets.

Going Cordless

It took Roman shades a little while to catch up, but now they are being offered cordless.  Not only is this safer for the kids and pets in your house, it also improves on the appearance of your window.  With no strings or cords to distract from the shade it stands out as the center of attention.

How They Work

All it took was a simple spring to get rid of the unsightly cords.  To raise or lower Roman without a cord just grasp the tab on the bottom rail and move your hand up or down.  By adding this feature, the common problem of tilting with cords is eliminated.  Midway or fully opened, the bottom of your Roman shades is straight.

Different Designs

Roman shades are available with different fold styles making them an easy fit into any room. 

·         The Classic Fold: This is the simplest of Roman shade styles and also the must subtle, especially when raised.  Try using these on windows with beautiful architectural detail like bay windows or picture windows to create a clean look while letting the window stand out.

·         The Flat Style Fold:  The flat style fold has texture but not overwhelmingly.  This is a great option for rooms that need a subtle infusion of color or pattern, without it overtaking the space.  They come in a vast array of colors, making it easy to find the one that complements your home.

·         The European Style Fold:  The European style has the same subtle texture of the flat style but with a curved bottom.  Use this to add class to the style of a room such as in a master suite or parlor.  The look they generate is romantic and reminiscent of Paris in the Spring.

·         The Hobbled Style Fold:  Acts like a Roman shade, looks like drapery.  The hobbled style fold uses a lot material to create a flowing curtain look every time you open them.

Once you have decided on the style, you can begin to peruse through the many fabrics and colors that Roman shades come in.

Other Options

The incredible cordless option is not the only thing Roman Shades have going for them.  You can use them as a room darkener by adding a black out panel.  This is perfect for the master suites and nursery to promote sleep even during the day.

Top down- bottom up is another feature you can take advantage of with Roman shades. These allow you to position the shade anywhere in the window, letting in the sunlight but protecting your privacy.

Don’t let all of the options scare you away from Roman shades. Once you start thinking about how to incorporate them into the space, you will easily come up with the right look for your home.