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Create Waves with Custom-Made Drapes

It’s possible to buy ready drapes of various kinds in the market today, but there is something very distinctive about getting custom-made drapes for your home. This customization adds a unique look to any space and you can also get your personal style to shine through, regardless of whether your taste runs subtly neutral, bright or bold. Take a look at the different varieties that are available:


Wave Drapery- This style is quite a favorite with many homeowners as it has a very contemporary and uncomplicated look. No matter how many times you change the furnishing in your home, this kind of drapery looks good and never loses its shapes. It has very beautifully-shaped folds that stack very neatly once the drapery has been opened. Once it’s closed, it returns into position with just the right spacing.

Pleated Drapery- This could be in classic or updated styles and will have conventional stiffening in its headers. This is what allows it to be very properly shaped into very crisp and neat pleats.

Casual Drapery- If the prim and proper look is not your style, opt for relaxed and softer headers. These look casual but self-assured and you can choose from a range of non-traversing hardware to match it up to perfection.

Cafe Curtains- These quaint-looking curtains never seem to go out of style and are perfect for windows in breakfast nooks and kitchens. They have a classic charm but look startlingly contemporary as well. These are very cleverly built with tiers and a fabric valance. They provide the privacy you need and let in enough of natural light too.


The Benefits

When you opt for custom-made drapes, they create a definite accent in the room & draw the eye. However, if they are excessively heavy or if their pattern is too loud or heavy, they might just detract from that room. Take a look at the benefits:

  • The best part about having custom drapery is that you can get just the look you want
  • Apart from the patterns and styles that we just talked about, you also have the option to decide what kind of fabric to use
  • Not every window is of a standard size. As a matter of fact, if you have any bay windows in your home, chances are that some of them might be oddly-shaped. Opting for custom-made drapes solves that issue and you can get the sizes you need, in order that the windows are covered well and that the space does not look shabby.
  • Once you have custom drapery, you can also add coordinated furnishing, cushions and the other accessories in the room. This lends a very cohesive look to the room

For a special touch, you can add trims, fringes pleats and ties as well as decorative hardware. If you look online, you will be surprised at the variety. You will find that there is hardware that will solve almost all types of window challenges. So unshackle your creativity and get the custom-made drapes that match your unique style. .