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Get More Darkness with Cordless Blackout Shades

It’s great to have large windows in your home as they let in light and fresh air. But there are times when your work schedule demands that you sleep during the day. It is at times like this, you wish that there was something more than standard curtains or shades on your windows. It really is very difficult to sleep with light filtering through curtains and blinds.

Numerous Benefits

People who have small children also face the same problem. Infants tend to have erratic sleep patterns and darkening the nursery helps in calming them down and getting them to bed. These are some of the situations in which cordless blackout shades come to the rescue. These shades are extremely effective in keeping out the light from any room. In addition, they also prevent any lighting from inside the room, to filter out and offer other benefits such as:


  • The fact that they are cordless makes them a much safer option for homes that have children or pets and there are no dangerous cords dangling around.
  • The most-effective blackout shades are the ones that are available in cassettes. Their metal frame prevents any light from filtering through the all the sides and prevents light penetration
  • Since these blinds are essentially dark and do not allow any sunlight to filter through, they also have insulation properties.
  •  Cordless blackout shades also provide sound insulation. If your home is in a busy locality, they are very effective in dulling sounds that would otherwise have filtered into the room through regular fabric curtains
  • The Installation is very easy and they are also very lightweight. In addition they are easy to maintain which makes it the perfect choice for homeowners who are looking for low-maintenance window treatments for their homes
  • They are much more affordable than wooden, Roman or layered blinds
  • These blinds are highly functional and versatile and can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, TV rooms or any other room where you do not want light filtering in. They save you a lot of money on your energy bills, both during the summer and the winter
  • Since these blinds block out the light very effectively, they also protect your furniture and floor coverings and prevent them from fading


Perfect for Hectic Lifestyles

Current day living has become very hectic and many people work in shifts. If there are small children in the house, getting that much-needed rest becomes even more difficult. All these factors point to one aspect- that a good night’s rest is not just a basic requirement, it’s a dire need. And cordless back out curtains make getting that sleep and privacy, a much easier task.

They provide the perfect combination of darkness & quiet that can be a definite boon for many hard-working people. It’s important to buy good quality black out shades in order that they last long and stay in a good condition with the least amount of maintenance. Choose your shades right and sleep in comfort.