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Share a bit of the Outdoors with Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are also called sheer blinds and are elegant, versatile and refined window treatments that can be used in any room. Sheer horizontal shades are very similar to the silhouette style one and have 2 sheer fabric-facings fitted over the soft fabric vanes. The sheer vertical blinds variants have light filtering material that hangs between the vinyl vanes or hanging fabric.

They throw a very ambient light into to room and can change its entire look. If you have a garden outside with a lot of greenery or of you have awnings on your patio or balcony windows where these shades are, it can change the color that filters through them completely.

For instance if there is a lot of greenery around, that slight green hue will filter through these shades and make the room look even more cheery and inviting.  However, if the windows overlook a street or are very close to another home, sheer shades will have to be used in combination with more opaque window treatments.  


The Workings

Sheer shades are typically operated with conventional pull cords or continuous cord loops that remain that same height no matter what the position of the shade is. Both these methods are very efficient styles of operation. However, the continuous cord lift is safer for homes that have small children & pets.  This particular system keeps its cord fastened safely to the wall and well out of reach of very small children.


Light Control Feature

Sheer shades allow a significant amount of light to filter through. If you are planning on adding these shades to your bedroom/ bathroom, you might want to consider adding some curtains/drapes for more privacy, light control and warmth. For dining and living rooms where privacy is not much of an issue, sheer shades can be used on their own.


Different Styles

These shades are generally available in light-filtering/room-darkening fabrics and will have different widths of vanes. Vertical sheer shades are ideal for large windows like patio doors. Motorized sheer shades are also available for effortless operation.

Customized Versions

Custom sheer shades are made to your specifications, fit the size of your window perfectly and will function much better too. The diffused lighting that they let in, adds a great ambiance to a room and you can also control the light once you add some curtains or drapes to the windows. These sheer shades truly add a new dimension and expanse to the room they are installed in. The light filtering styles are a great combination with drapery and the additional layer is what adds to their allure.


It is important to buy these from an established dealer and they are also available online. You can choose from different styles and sheer materials and buy ones that will match the rest of your décor. If you are opting for customized sheer shades, you have the freedom to pick any material you like. very simply put, sheer shades are sheer magic !