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Brighten your Home With Light Filtering Shades

Light filtering shades have now become a fashion statement for many homeowners and it’s not surprising because they truly add a great deal of oomph to any room they are installed in.  Adding shades to windows is a great way of enjoying the outdoors even as you sit in the comfort of your home. Some shades have slats of different widths but light-filtering shades are different, and bring in a lot of natural light, which can add a definite allure to any room in your house.


The Benefits

 Not only do these light filtering shades filter soft light into your home, but they are also available in a variety of fabrics. This means you have the option to buy darker and heavier fabrics if you do not want too much light filtering through. The distinct benefits of light filtering shades are:

·         Light filtering abilities or Light blocking abilities- Of all these benefits the fact that light filtering shades keep out the UV rays of the sun and insulate the house effectively, are very notable. They significantly bring down the temperature in your home and make it more comfortable in the summer months

·         Noise reduction- If your home is in a busy neighborhood, these shades are an excellent option for you as they filter out the noise as well

·         Cordless options for child-safety- They are perfect for homes that have children and pets

·         Reduction of the energy costs across the house- They help in bringing down  your air-conditioning bills and makes your home more energy-efficient

·         Top-Down & Bottom-Up Options for light & privacy management- You can buy sheer shades for areas like living rooms and other common areas of your home and for the bedrooms you can opt for ones that are made of thicker materials.


Light Filtration Grades

These shades are also available in various grades of light-filtration. The room darkening shades are excellent for darkening rooms, while the translucent ones will allow enough of light to enter the room in the daytime and still provide privacy. Light filtering shades are made from very high-quality polyester fabrics and they do not fray. Both installation and maintenance is very easy and they are easy to clean. Just a vacuum clean on a regular basis helps in keeping them looking new for years.


Elegant Window Treatments

If you are looking for window treatment options that look uniform and elegant and have a lot of practical benefits, then light filtering shades are an excellent option for your home. You have the option to buy custom made ones for windows that are odd in size. Buying them online from reliable manufactures will help you get size-able discounts.

You will find that the more you consider these shades for your windows, the more attractive you will find them to be. Make the smart choice and shop for different varieties of light filtering shades for every room in your house. You will never go back to using messy and cumbersome curtains and drapes again.