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Take Safety Into Consideration When Choosing Window Treatments for Kids’ Rooms

Although the options are pretty much limitless in terms of color and style when it comes to choosing window treatments for your kids’ rooms, you have to be aware of some basic safety issues that can arise surrounding window treatments.

First, you need to make sure that there are no hanging cords on blinds or shades in a child’s room. Hanging cords can be a serious strangulation hazard, and many children die each year after becoming entangled in the cords. Instead of corded blinds and shades, opt for the cordless versions, or even the motorized versions, these are going to be much safer to use in a child’s room.


Second, you need to make sure that the blinds and window treatments cannot be pulled down onto a child. Not only could the child be injured when the rods or valances fall onto them, they could potentially suffocate if they should become trapped in the billowy fabric of draperies. Instead of using long, flowing draperies in your child’s room, opt for more simple valances that are custom decorated, or blinds that are going to be contained within the frame of the window and less likely to be pulled down onto the child.

Third, it is important that window treatments are not too close to the sleeping area, such as the bed or crib of a child. Children are naturally curious and likely to grab onto anything that they are able to reach, so keeping all window treatments out of reach, especially from their bed because they are generally unsupervised while sleeping and early from awakening, is important.

Finally, make sure that there are not any accessories that could pose a choking or poison hazard. Small beads used as accessories or accents may be inadvertently swallowed, or could cause choking in a young child.

For a child’s bedroom, it is usually best to keep the window treatments simple and safe. There are still plenty of options to choose from to make the child’s space special and unique, but safety should always come first when choosing the window treatment and other decorations. Some of the safest options would include cordless mini blinds, cordless Roman shades, or even motorized wooden blinds. These will bring the least amount of danger into a space that needs to be ultra safe. Keep any small objects or accessories well out of reach, and the child will be much safer. Window treatments can still be used to enhance the décor wonderfully, while still meeting the basic, yet very important, safety standards that any parent would want to adhere to.

A Room By Room Guide For Blinds and Shades

Every room in your home serves a distinct purpose with a specific design palette.  Choosing window treatments to complement each room but still allow cohesiveness for the home is a challenge for many home owners.  This room by room guide serves to show the different needs of each room in your own and how you can use your window treatments to help meet them.

Finding the Right Blinds For Your Kitchen

Tip: Choose an alternating fabric that complements your countertops and cabinets.

Tip: Choose an alternating fabric that complements your countertops and cabinets.

You most likely spend more awake time in your kitchen than anywhere else in your home.  Designed to be a work space, your kitchen depends on light to help you prepare your meals.  You will want to use window coverings that provide you with light while still giving the privacy you need. 

The other challenge facing a kitchen is the grease build up that can form on blinds.  Try easy to clean vinyl or wood blinds in this space with the top down-bottom up option.  The blinds will stay dirt free and you can easily adjust the blinds to suit your lighting needs, without compromising your privacy.

The Master Suite

We call it a master suite because this is the room that should serve as your personal retreat in your home.  Roman shades are a perfect choice in a master suite to create a warm, romantic feel.  Choose colors that subdue the room and soft fabrics like satin or silk. This is your retreat, you should be splurging here.  For the full retreat effect and a perfect slumber setting, line you roman shades with a room darkening fabric.  This will allow you to sleep in on Saturdays the way a princess deserves.

Living Rooms and Dens

These are the most challenging rooms as the options are vast and your decorating style unique.  Think about the over-all effect you are trying to project.  Is your living room formal, complete with antique furniture?  Pleated shades can be colored to fit any décor, and will serve their privacy and lighting functions well while not distracting from the elegance of your room.


If you want your living spaces to be more cozy and family friendly, use natural bamboo shades.  The coloring will fit any décor and create a warmth to the room that encourages family time.


Like the master suite, you want to be able to create false night in a nursery to encourage babies to sleep.  Durable cellular shades can be fitted this way and can be found in a variety of child friendly themes.  Consider cordless options for the nursery for when the sleeping baby turns into the curious toddler and is fascinated with hanging strings.

If outfitting your homes windows has you feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and tackle them room by room.  Once you consider the needs of each space you will be able to narrow down your choices and make the right decisions. 

What to Consider When Choosing Window Treatments

People select window treatments for a number of different, and very important reasons. Fortunately, there is something for everyone when it comes to window treatments, and you do not have to settle for something plain or ugly, or something that does not truly delight you and meet your needs, or match your décor or the style of your home. But, running out to your nearest home improvement store may not be the best first course of action, and taking some time to think about what you really need for your unique situation is well worth it, since you will probably have the window treatments around for a long time to come and you want to invest in something that is just right for you.

Few people want to have completely bare windows in their home. Most people desire some amount of privacy, as well as light control, for their windows. Sound control may also be an issue for some, depending on where you live, and whether or not you hear traffic noise or neighbors near your home. Also, most people want to have some beauty added to their home, and window treatments are a terrific way to add style.

When trying to think about what window treatments are going to work best in your own personal space, here are some things to think about. First, take a look around your home and decide what exactly you really like about it and the décor already. Are your windows decorative and charming on their own, with beautiful wood work that you may not want to completely cover? Or do you have older windows that may be in need of some repair or painting? This can affect the type of window treatment that you choose, because some types may work as great camouflage, while others can help you to showcase the beautiful features that your current windows may already offer to the décor.

Do you have existing window treatments that you are looking to enhance? Or do the entire window treatments just need updating or replacing? Older, worn window treatments may not be able to be salvaged, but if you already have functional blinds, for example, that are not in disrepair or too worn, then you may just want to add curtains or a valance to spruce things up. Also, consider how difficult it might be to completely change the window treatments, because some blinds or other window treatments that are already permanently installed may require that you do some sort of woodwork or frame repair before you go ahead and start over with different window treatments.

Is safety going to be a consideration? Installing window treatments when you have small children and pets is different than installing them when you live alone or when there are only adults living in the home. Corded blinds can be a serious safety hazard and you want to take the right precautions. For example, putting corded blinds in a child’s bedroom is usually considered to be a “no no” but having them in your regular living space may not be a huge problem.

How large is your budget for purchasing window treatments? Some are very affordable and inexpensive, yet will still add plenty of beauty to your home. But, when you really start looking at window treatments you will quickly realize that the costs can add up and be quite considerable. Although you may be ready to make the investment, since you will have them for a long time to come, you have to be realistic about what you can really afford. Beautiful windows are great, but you still have to pay the rent or make your mortgage payment to truly enjoy them.

Make sure you know what you are looking for, and how you want the outcome to look when choosing window treatments for your home. It can be a very big decision!