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A Room By Room Guide For Blinds and Shades

Every room in your home serves a distinct purpose with a specific design palette.  Choosing window treatments to complement each room but still allow cohesiveness for the home is a challenge for many home owners.  This room by room guide serves to show the different needs of each room in your own and how you can use your window treatments to help meet them.

Finding the Right Blinds For Your Kitchen

Tip: Choose an alternating fabric that complements your countertops and cabinets.

Tip: Choose an alternating fabric that complements your countertops and cabinets.

You most likely spend more awake time in your kitchen than anywhere else in your home.  Designed to be a work space, your kitchen depends on light to help you prepare your meals.  You will want to use window coverings that provide you with light while still giving the privacy you need. 

The other challenge facing a kitchen is the grease build up that can form on blinds.  Try easy to clean vinyl or wood blinds in this space with the top down-bottom up option.  The blinds will stay dirt free and you can easily adjust the blinds to suit your lighting needs, without compromising your privacy.

The Master Suite

We call it a master suite because this is the room that should serve as your personal retreat in your home.  Roman shades are a perfect choice in a master suite to create a warm, romantic feel.  Choose colors that subdue the room and soft fabrics like satin or silk. This is your retreat, you should be splurging here.  For the full retreat effect and a perfect slumber setting, line you roman shades with a room darkening fabric.  This will allow you to sleep in on Saturdays the way a princess deserves.

Living Rooms and Dens

These are the most challenging rooms as the options are vast and your decorating style unique.  Think about the over-all effect you are trying to project.  Is your living room formal, complete with antique furniture?  Pleated shades can be colored to fit any décor, and will serve their privacy and lighting functions well while not distracting from the elegance of your room.


If you want your living spaces to be more cozy and family friendly, use natural bamboo shades.  The coloring will fit any décor and create a warmth to the room that encourages family time.


Like the master suite, you want to be able to create false night in a nursery to encourage babies to sleep.  Durable cellular shades can be fitted this way and can be found in a variety of child friendly themes.  Consider cordless options for the nursery for when the sleeping baby turns into the curious toddler and is fascinated with hanging strings.

If outfitting your homes windows has you feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and tackle them room by room.  Once you consider the needs of each space you will be able to narrow down your choices and make the right decisions. 

Cordless Roman Shades. The Safe & Stylish Choice

Nothing dresses up a room with more class then Roman shades.  This versatile window treatment offers options that will fit any style and décor.  Plus, since they are easily installed without fussy cords, you have no reason to be concerned about the little ones or your pets.

Going Cordless

It took Roman shades a little while to catch up, but now they are being offered cordless.  Not only is this safer for the kids and pets in your house, it also improves on the appearance of your window.  With no strings or cords to distract from the shade it stands out as the center of attention.

How They Work

All it took was a simple spring to get rid of the unsightly cords.  To raise or lower Roman without a cord just grasp the tab on the bottom rail and move your hand up or down.  By adding this feature, the common problem of tilting with cords is eliminated.  Midway or fully opened, the bottom of your Roman shades is straight.

Different Designs

Roman shades are available with different fold styles making them an easy fit into any room. 

·         The Classic Fold: This is the simplest of Roman shade styles and also the must subtle, especially when raised.  Try using these on windows with beautiful architectural detail like bay windows or picture windows to create a clean look while letting the window stand out.

·         The Flat Style Fold:  The flat style fold has texture but not overwhelmingly.  This is a great option for rooms that need a subtle infusion of color or pattern, without it overtaking the space.  They come in a vast array of colors, making it easy to find the one that complements your home.

·         The European Style Fold:  The European style has the same subtle texture of the flat style but with a curved bottom.  Use this to add class to the style of a room such as in a master suite or parlor.  The look they generate is romantic and reminiscent of Paris in the Spring.

·         The Hobbled Style Fold:  Acts like a Roman shade, looks like drapery.  The hobbled style fold uses a lot material to create a flowing curtain look every time you open them.

Once you have decided on the style, you can begin to peruse through the many fabrics and colors that Roman shades come in.

Other Options

The incredible cordless option is not the only thing Roman Shades have going for them.  You can use them as a room darkener by adding a black out panel.  This is perfect for the master suites and nursery to promote sleep even during the day.

Top down- bottom up is another feature you can take advantage of with Roman shades. These allow you to position the shade anywhere in the window, letting in the sunlight but protecting your privacy.

Don’t let all of the options scare you away from Roman shades. Once you start thinking about how to incorporate them into the space, you will easily come up with the right look for your home.

Special Window Treatments For Arched Windows

Arched windows add a touch of elegance to your windows as well as provide extra light to the room.  Showcase their beauty with fitted shades or blinds.

There are many homeowners who struggle with ideas for covering their arched windows.  These architectural features are usually found over doorways or other windows, providing additional glow to the room from natural light.  One of the best solutions to filtering some of the extra light they give while not covering their aesthetic appeal is to install custom made blinds or shades.

On their own, arched windows make a lovely decorative focal point that a homeowner should hesitate to cover with curtains or drapes.  They can still obtain privacy and light control by installing blinds or shades on the interior of the window.  This can be done easily with hardwood blinds, faux wood blinds and most types of cellular shades.  How you want the room to feel, and the amount of privacy and light filtration you need, will be the deciding factors for the blind or shade you choose for the arched window.

Sunset arches are one of the most popular choices when it comes to covering an arched window.  They provide consistent light obstruction along with complete privacy while still allowing the window to remain a decorative feature in the room.  The only drawback to these window coverings is that they cannot be adjusted to allow more or less light in.  This is a viable option for a room that is already flooded with natural light.

Cellular shades will work perfectly in an area where you want an element of privacy while allowing sunshine to filter in.  You can find them in a variety of colors letting you further enhance the eye catching appeal of the arched window by incorporating it into the décor of the room.  You may not be able to open and close it as you would on a rectangular window, but you can choose a soft color for more light or even blackout shades if you want to block sun rays completely.

If you like the idea of being able to open and close the window covering for the arch at will, than wooden blinds are your best option.   Once they are custom fitted to the shape of your window, these act just as regular blinds do, letting you make adjustments to suit your needs.  Wood gives a room a warm, sophisticated ambiance that will pair perfectly with the architecture of the arched window.  If the window is in a hard to reach area, talk to your blind dealer about adding motorization to give you remote control over opening and closing the slats.

Measuring for shades and blinds on an arch window is not the same as with your other windows.  In addition to the dimensions, it is a good idea to also give them an accurate template of the true shape and size of the window.  A trusted blinds dealer will be able to help you with this.

It makes good decorating sense to take advantage of any special architectural detail in the home and use it as a highlight in the space, not cover it up.  Custom blinds and shades are the perfect window covering to help you make that vision a reality with the beautifully structured arched windows. 

Window treatment ideas. Getting the right blinds and shades for your home

Windows vary widely in size, style and shape, so there can be no one-size-fits all window treatment solution. Each window requires to be treated differently. For French doors, you should have blinds with small slats. Mini blinds, roller blinds, or wooden blinds with small slats are a good option for French doors. Vertical blinds make a good choice for the sliding doors and so do honey comb blinds, because they slide sideways. Honey comb blinds, vertical blinds and roller blinds are suitable for arches. Sunscreen roller blinds and cellular blinds are appropriate for windows that have beautiful outside view. Roman blinds and shutters are perfect dressings for bay windows.

Windows vary widely in size, style and shape. This means, there can be no one-size-fits all window treatment solution.  Each type of window requires a different window treatment. Here is some advice straight from the experts on which window blinds go best with which type of windows.

French doors: The important thing to bear in mind while selecting blinds for the French doors is to treat them same as the other windows in the room. This will ensure that the French doors don’t stand out, and the entire décor remains consistent. Using sheers or frilly curtains on French doors is a passé. The blinds that you choose for French doors should have small slats; else they will interfere with opening/closing of the door. Mini blinds, roller blinds, or wooden blinds with small slats are a good option for French doors. If you want to completely filter out the light then you can go for blackout roller blinds or honeycomb blinds.

Sliding doors: While selecting blinds for sliding doors, it is important to bear in mind that blinds should not interfere with the opening/closing of the door, and that they take less of  overhead space  (unless you have ample space above the windows), or else the movement would get restricted . Considering this, vertical blinds make a good choice for the sliding doors and so do honey comb blinds, because they slide sideways. Roller blinds also make a good choice because they take less space on the top compared to Venetian or roman blinds.

Arches: There are several ways in which you can dress up these beautiful Roman architectural details. However, their shape makes it quite tricky to dress them up. Honey comb shades or arch shaped cellular are a popular treatment for arches. Horizontal blinds are also used to dress up arches. Another way to effectively cover your arches is to use arch shaped shutters.

Windows with beautiful external view: If you have windows in your house that open up into garden, pool, or any other beautiful  scenic view then you would like to use window treatments that allow you to enjoy the view, and at the same time ensure privacy and light control. Sunscreen roller blinds and cellular blinds make a good choice for such windows.

Bay windows:  Your bay windows should look neat, impressive and should enhance the décor. So, you can use Roman blinds that complement the upholstery and overall décor. Shutters also make a good choice for bay windows.