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Bringing a Touch of the Outdoors In With Bamboo Shades

Bamboo shades work well as both a traditional or modern window treatment to enhance the warm welcoming feel you are striving for.

Bamboo, or woven wood shades, come in what is known as a matchstick style.  Always appealing, they are made from the natural tubes of the bamboo plant and can be woven, braided or even have a turtle shell pattern.  With so much versatility it will be easy to find the bamboo shade that fits your taste.  Whether you are looking for something to add a subtle touch of elegance, or to make a bold statement about your design taste, bamboo shades will work for you.

Bamboo shades alone let a lot of natural sunlight to pass through the fibers.  This is ideal for a room that will benefit from extra lighting, like your kitchen.  You can line them with colorful fabrics to match the décor and give a more subtle lighting plus extra privacy in your family areas.  For bedrooms and baths where you want full privacy you can request to have your bamboo shade lined with black out fabric.  Besides enriching the appearance of your bamboo shades, fabric liners will also add insulation to the window, helping to keep your energy costs down.

When shopping for your bamboo shades, ask about the continuous cord loop over the traditional cord.  This gives your bamboo shade a polished look by eliminating the loose cords which also can pose a hazard to small children.  Another unique feature that you can make use of with bamboo shades is the top down, bottom up design.  This lets you make the best possible use of natural light and achieve optimal privacy by allowing the shade to be opened from the top as well as the bottom.  Be sure to ask your blind dealer if adding motorization to your bamboo blinds is an option, especially if the window they will be covering is hard to reach.

Another consideration while shopping for bamboo shades is a valence.  You will want to make sure that the ones you choose come with a top valence.  Not only does a valence cover the top bar of the bamboo shade it adds a touch of elegance.  As do edge bindings, another option that is available with bamboo shades.  Add these to your already sophisticated blind for a bold statement that will enhance the beauty of any space and reinforce the structure of the blind.

Measuring your window for an exact fit inside of the window frame for bamboo shades is not any different than with other blind or shade styles.  First take three separate measurements for the width and then use the smallest of those.  Do the same for the length, except here you will use the largest of the three measurements.  Make sure when giving the measurements to your blind dealer that you always mention the width first.  Their cutting experts will now the exact adjustments that need to be made in order to accommodate the mounting hardware.

Using a natural product like bamboo for a window covering will give your home a cozy feeling that you may not get with other types of shades.  Take advantage of the bamboo shades many style options and natural texture of bamboo shades to transform your house into a warm home.

Treat Your Home with the Shades They Deserve

A living space is essentially an extension of your personality. Most of us would like a space to surround us, embrace us and allow us to be in harmony with ourselves and our environment. A well-lit home gives us a feeling of being in an open space. However, excess of sunlight can make a room unduly warm for our liking. The ability to control the amount of light that enters a room can give us a control over the type of atmosphere we would like to create for ourselves.

Who does not like to stare out of a window on a sunny day during the winters or watch the rain splashing on the window pane! Talking about windows, most windows have clear glass panes that allow the light to fall through and probably a peek into the inhabitant’s life. Window blinds or shades allow controlling both the light and privacy of your living space.

However, the choice to pick the right shade or blind cannot be based on aesthetics only.  You’ll need to think about various factors such as convenience, privacy, light control and energy-efficiency. Did you know that blinds and shades come with UV protection facility?

Is there a difference between window blinds and shades?

The two terms are often used interchangeably. Blinds consist of louvers or slats that are fitted either horizontally or vertically that can be easily rotated to control the input of light. Slats are made of different materials, including vinyl, wood, aluminium or fabric. Shades, on the other hand, are made of fabric with permanent pleats. They are often referred to as cellular shades. The key difference between the two is the amount of light that they allow to be filtered into a room.

Shades are considered to offer a greater privacy. With the top down bottom up shades, you can easily control the amount of natural light entering a room. Shades also come in different materials and designs.

Honeycomb/Cellular Shades - These types of shades offer flexibility in terms of filtering light. The single cell or double cell configuration allows for light filtering or room darkening, even complete blackout. They are available in a versatile combination of colors to match with your décor.

Roman Shades - Also known as fabric shades they come in various colors, patterns and textures. The pleated look has replaced the need for draperies in a big way. They look elegant and are highly functional in offering privacy. The best thing is that they are available in hundreds of patterns to suit any style and can be customized to cover differently shaped windows.

Bamboo Shades - Bamboo shades allow you to play with light, creating interesting patterns with shadows reflecting the design of a shade. A privacy liner may be required to offer a greater privacy as these shades allow the light to filter in completely.

Roller Shades – Roller shades offer a more economical choice with the ease of a roll up lift system. Again, a wide variety of light filtering fabrics can be chosen to control the intensity of filtering light. They give a more modern and contemporary look to your home.

Solar Shades – Solar shades offer UV protection while providing privacy to the inhabitants of a home. They offer the best in terms of design and functionality.

For a detailed view of designs and functionality of blinds and shades available, please visit us here

5 Tips for Updating Your Home Décor With Window Treatments

Have you been looking at the same window treatments for years, tired of them but not sure how to actually update the look without completely re-doing your entire house? You can get big results from small changes, when done right. Here are five tips to keep in mind when you are trying to redecorate your home, with low cost upgrades that will make everything look fresher and newer:

1.       Less is more when it comes to window treatments. For the most part, heavy, ornate window treatments are not currently in fashion, except for in some of the most formal living areas. The average person is leaning more toward simple, yet elegant window fashions. Instead of having long, heavy curtains, take advantage of natural lighting and use decorated valances, or upholstered valances that match or complement your current furnishings. Add a blind or shade for privacy, as needed, and enjoy tons of natural light, with simple, complementary window dressings that can be easily customized to accompany any room.

2.       Texture is a trending topic. Window coverings that are made of textured materials and natural materials are all the rage in today’s most chic homes. Consider rolling shades made of bamboo, or lovely Roman shades made from bamboo or other natural materials as you try to modernize the look of the rooms in your home. The natural fibers give a beauty and style that adds to any décor, but can still be rolled up to allow for natural daylight whenever desired.

3.       Colors do count. When selecting colors, it is important to select colors that are not only going to be complementary to the other colors in your home, but you want to make sure that you are choosing colors that are contemporary. You have probably been in homes that have obviously not been updated in decades, don’t be that homeowner and make sure that you choose colors that are in hues considered current and attractive, not dated.


4.       Light can make a room appear larger. Smaller spaces really can benefit from the addition of natural light, so whenever possible, you want to use a shade that can be raised and lowered to let in plenty of light, rather than heavier draperies. If privacy is a concern, choose a shade that lowers from the top as well as the bottom, like some of the options available in today’s Roman shades.

5.       Consider the lines of the room and the objects that are already there. Most rooms are filled with straight lines and corners. Adding in some softness, perhaps with a rounded valance or a blousy shade can help to soften the lines, especially in a room such as the kitchen, with many corners on cupboards and many straight lines on the windows. Add some interest by adding some different shapes.

These tips are intended to help anyone make a room more updated and more pleasant. When you take into account the high visibility of window treatments, because most people are naturally drawn to look at the windows in a room, then you want to make sure that your window treatments are the most attractive and most beautiful that you can find.