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Child Safety and Window Blinds

The United States is home to over one billion window blinds. On an average, Americans purchase new shades every seven years. Everyone recognizes that window blinds serve an aesthetic and practical purpose in homes. However, a chink in window shades manufacturers' armor is the potential hazard that their products pose to children.


According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), window cords pose one of the biggest strangulation threats to children aged three years and younger. As children choke on the cord, they're unable to call for help. Ironically, a majority of the accidents occur when the parents are at home.


Most common ways in which children are endangered


Studies have pointed to two common ways in which children most often get strangled in the cords. Toddlers attempting to climb onto furniture or look out of a window slip and get caught in the cords. Infants whose cribs are positioned near windows twist against the looped cords while playing or sleeping, and get tangled.


What is the solution?


Two words : cordless blinds. CPSC and window covering trade groups have called on parents of young children to install cordless blinds. Another option is to buy retractable cords or covered cords that children cannot access.


Here's a look at some safety tips that can go a long way in preventing tragedies occurring from window cords:


Cords that end in loops are particularly risky for children. Cut the cords short and attach it to a cleat or add child safety tassels. Also anchor continuous loop cords to the wall or floor.

Don't place your furniture next to blind cords. Also move away shelves and bookcases from the windows so that your children cannot climb up and access the blind cords.

Replace older corded shades and window blinds (manufactured before 2001) with safer products manufactured more recently.

Lock cords into position while lowering horizontal shades or blinds, as well as when they come to rest at the windowsill.

Educate your kids on the dangers of window blinds, and set rules on playing near windows.


We would like to reiterate that cordless blinds are the best solution if you have tiny tots running around the house. They may cost you a bit more, and there's a reason why. Cordless blinds are more complex to manufacture, which has a direct bearing on costs. It costs manufacturers an additional $1 to $2 to make a cordless blind. We would recommend that you prioritize safety over price, at least until such time that your kids grow up.


In conclusion


Stringent laws have rightly compelled manufacturers in the consumer products industry to minimize hazards resulting from their goods. However, it is impossible to get rid of every possible hazard. Trade groups argue that window blinds are not children's products, therefore, the onus is on the parents to exercise necessary precautions to prevent unfortunate incidents.


The CPSC is doing its bit to educate parents on the dangers of blind cords through safety alerts, national campaigns, and by sending posters and brochures to pediatricians' offices. By taking simple steps, you can keep mishaps at bay while enjoying an optimally lit and visually pleasing home.

What Experts Recommend While Shopping for Blinds

Blinds are a savvy choice for doing up your windows; they are modern, consume less space, environment friendly, energy efficient and you can pick them up in varied patterns to liven up your room. Feeling apprehensive about picking the right blinds for your house online is justified, but major online home furnishing retailers offer expert suggestions and tips to help you make the right choice.

Here are a few experts’ recommendations that will cover the ground on how to choose the right blinds:

Pick cordless blinds where there are children and elderly: For children, cordless blinds are advised as a safety measure as they might hurt themselves while playing with the cords. In case of the elderly, cordless blinds are easy to lift with a single touch, making it an easy task for them. You can also use cordless blinds in the kitchen and bathroom for safety reasons.

For French Windows and Doors: In the case of French windows or doors, it is best to attach the blind brackets at the bottom so that the blind remains steady when opening or closing the door. Vertical blinds are a good choice for sliding windows and doors.

Cleaning the Blinds: Blinds are made of material, which is easy to maintain and wiping them with a moist cloth will suffice for day-to-day cleaning. If you have picked blinds of sensitive materials or pattern, then you will receive a complete maintenance guide at the time of installation. Horizontal or vertical blinds can be easily dusted as opposed to fabric drapes.

Opt for made-to-measure: This is especially preferable since it is unlikely that you will have standard window measures. Also, made-to-measure offers you more flexibility and less wastage. The complete guide for measuring your window is provided on the websites; however, if you are not confident then you can call for help. If you still have the wrong measures after the blinds have been delivered then you can always get them replaced.

Opt for eco-friendly: Besides benefiting nature, it will be profitable for you as well as these blinds are designed to keep the home insulated during winters and let cool breeze and natural light in during the summer, which means less energy consumption and greater savings on energy bills. These blinds also come with UV filter, which will protect the house furnishing from damage caused by sunlight.

Pick Blackout shades for your room: These are advised for the bedrooms since the sleeping quarters must block out light completely for one to get a peaceful sleep.

The Home Decor: Take into account the decor of the different rooms before selecting a pattern. In the kids’ room, generally lively printed blinds are suggested; while for the office space, Roman blinds look stunning and in the kitchen Venetian blinds are ideal.

Privacy matters: Depending on how much privacy you require in a particular room, you can go for more closely knit, dark patterns like faux wood Roman blinds.

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