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Noisy Street? Your Window Treatments Can Help

Your home should be a sanctuary, where you can enter, close the door and forget about the outside world.  Unfortunately this may not be possible if you live on a busy street or have neighbors who like their music loud and late.  Luckily, if you pick the right window treatment you can reduce the amount of noise that enters your home.

All window shades can offer some form of sound insulation, but there are some that are better than others.  Cellular shades give the best absorption of sound thanks to their unique cell structure that will actually trap sound waves as they enter a room.  This can be useful in living areas where outside sounds can spoil watching T.V. or listening to music, as well as in bedrooms where a quiet environment is needed for a good nights rest.

You can get anywhere from 40 to 55 percent noise reduction from cellular, or honeycomb, shades.  3/8 inch double cells will give you the best noise reducing benefits.  Consider these for the bedrooms in your home.  Imagine not being jarred awake early Sunday morning by your neighbor mowing his lawn.  In addition, you can easily add a black out feature to cellular shades making your bedroom a dark, peaceful sanctuary conducive to sleeping in late.

If you are sleeping in, you want to make sure the kids are too.  Good thing Disney carries a line of cellular shades designed with playful characters and patterns perfect for girls and boys.  Even better with the Disney line is that they are available cordless, making them a safe option for children of any age.  Add a black out fabric to these shades in your child’s room and the whole family is undisturbed on weekend mornings.

Noise is not just problematic in the bedrooms.  It can also disrupt other activities in the house.  Instead of having to raise the volume on your T.V or stereo every time your neighbor has company, consider using cellular shades as a window treatment in your living room.  With a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, you can find something to fit any décor, giving the space a polished look while ensuring that you have a quiet environment.  Darker hues will give you optimal privacy, while a lighter color will filter in sunlight but block harmful UV rays.

The same design quality that makes cellular shades a good noise reducer also acts as extra insulation for your windows.  Installing them will reduce your homes heating and cooling costs.  If you choose a sheer look, you can take advantage of natural sunlight to warm your home in the winter while the cold outside air is being blocked from entering the home.  In the summertime the cells work at keeping cool, conditioned air from escaping to the outside.

You can find a window treatment to suit any need in your home.  Shades and blinds offer unique benefits that you may have never considered possible.  Consider all of your needs before you start shopping to ensure that your window treatments not only fit your décor, they are functional as well.