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Designer Wood Shutters. Why they're an excellent design decision

Every room has its special charm and the décor of the room is always a mix of the furniture styling, flooring, wall colors, window treatments and other accessories. Somehow, no matter what style you design your home and its individual rooms in; the windows always add a special touch.

Shutters come in may shapes and sizes. Try on some color, like these from Shutter Craft.

Shutters come in may shapes and sizes. Try on some color, like these from Shutter Craft.

Making a style statement is about getting creative and being inspired by latest trends and materials. But there are some designing elements that have an eternal charm and designer wood shutters are one of them. Their attraction quotient lies in the fact that they look as beautiful in modern and contemporary-styled homes as they do in homes that lean on traditional and more conservative styling.

Why Wood Shutters?

But are designer wood shutters used in homes only for their aesthetic value? Well! That is just one of their benefits. Take a look at a few others that make these shutters a charming addition to your home:

Privacy- This is probably one of the main benefits of designer wood shutters. They are made of natural wood and every slat is wide and designed to align perfectly with the next. Once they are shut, they provide you with the privacy you need and are also very useful in blocking out light when you don’t want it

Insulation- Along with blocking light, these shutters also block out heat which can be a great benefit in tropical regions. The insulation they provide also adds to the energy efficiency of your home, regardless of which season it is. They are also useful in blocking out outside noise

Durability- Once you have properly polished and well-finished designer wood blinds in place, you do not have to worry too much about them. They do not deteriorate like some other man-made materials do

Maintenance- These shutters only require dry dusting or an occasional vacuuming to keep them clean which makes them very low maintenance

Aesthetics- As mentioned earlier, they look and feel very good in any kind of interior setting and add allure to every room they are installed in. Since these are available in a variety of wood species, like oak, poplar and bass wood. You can choose the one that suits the décor in your home the best

Environment-Friendly- Designer wood shutters are made of natural wood which makes then environment friendly unlike some materials that are harmful to the environment

Customizable- The beauty of these shutters is that they are completely customizable. Right from the actual size of the shutters to the width of the slats. This provides you the style and privacy options that match your requirement

Cost-Effective- Though wood shutters are more expensive than PVC and vinyl ones, they are far more durable and low-maintenance, which makes them cost-effective in the long run

When it comes to home decoration elements, there are very few options that can beat designer wood shutters in terms of functionality, value and aesthetics. They are a definite value-add to your beautiful home and a true reflection of your impeccable good taste. 

Plantation Shutters in Your Home: More Than a Versatile Window Treatment

The addition of plantation shutters in your home adds an appeal that is unmatched by other types of window treatments.  Shutters become a permanent architectural feature that not only allows you to showcase your personal style, they add value to your house.


Shutters are unique in that they act as little doors to your windows.  With the use of hinges on the side of the window molding they can swing open and closed, instantly changing the ambience in a room.  Plus they have louvers like blinds do, so you can play with the natural lighting in the room and still have an element of privacy by adjusting the slats. Fully closed, shutters offer almost complete darkness making them ideal for a bedroom or nursery.

There are many elements of shutters to love, such as no unsightly strings or cords bundled up on the floor and they can’t hang lopsided when open the way that some other blinds will.  Their presence adds a clean elegance to any space in your home.

Plantation shutters also offer you versatility in decorating.  Alone they are a beautiful addition to the house and complement any décor.  Or you can dress them up by adding window treatments above or around the window to further showcase your sense of style.  If you are concerned about the stark nature of shutters soften them up with silk drapings.

Traditional wood shutters do need to be made from high quality woods such as poplar or basswood but these can be pricey, plus they can suffer from water damage.  Faux wood blinds give you the same great look and options without the big price tag.  Plus they are easier to clean and the slats will not warp like they can with natural wood shutters.

After hard wood floors, shutters are the most sought after feature for people who are looking to buy a home.  If you have invested in plantation shutters then you have made an investment in your home’s value.  Shutters are one of the easiest and cost effective ways to bring up the asking price on a house.

Don’t concern yourself with the possible limitations of installing a permanent window dressing in your house.  Plantation shutters never go out of style and they will not fade or lose their appeal the way that draperies and curtains will.  You can even change the entire look of the window and the room by easily changing out the drapings seasonally.  Dress up the top of your shutters with a bright floral valence in the spring and summer, and then change it to darker, festive colors in the fall and winter.  No other window covering makes alternating styles so easy.

Make no mistake, if you are considering installing shutters in your home you are looking at a major investment.  Yet it is well worth it if you want your home to stand out against others and give you flexibility with different lighting and styling options.