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Curtain Types Explained

You may have thought that all curtains are the same, but, in fact, there are many different types of curtains that you can choose from as you are deciding on window treatments for your home. Different styles and types will give you different looks, some are more formal, some more casual and whimsical. Depending on your personal taste and the needs that you have for your window treatments, you may want to explore the different options before you make a final selection.


Rod pocket style curtains are the kind that you are probably most familiar with. This type of curtain has a pocket along the entire top edge that the rod is slipped through to hang the curtains. The rod is not exposed at all, except for the very ends. These curtains can be pulled back or left closed, or they can be secured with a tie back for a more decorative appearance. Rod pocket curtains come in virtually any type of fabric or pattern, and are a popular choice and considered to be very traditional and classy, whether they are in a more formal or casual fabric or material.

A variation of the rod pocket curtain is the tab top curtain. This is a more casual version of the traditional rod pocket curtains, and the top pocket is replaced by “tabs” or loops of material that are evenly spaced, usually every couple of inches, along the top edge of the curtain. The rod is slipped through the tabs to hang the curtains. Tab top curtains work very nicely with decorative rods of either metal or wooden construction, as the rod becomes part of the décor. Tab top curtains tend to come in more casual fabrics, such as linens and cottons, and will be beautiful in many different types of rooms and complement many decorating themes.

Even more unique when it comes to curtains is the ring topped curtain style. This curtain is designed to be hung on a rod with multiple rings along the top of the curtain. The rings may be metal, wooden or even fabric covered, and add a beautiful decorative touch.

These are a few examples of the different types of curtains that you might choose from as you are developing the décor for your home and selecting window treatments.