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Custom Window Shades . Always a Shade Better than Ready-Made

Anyone who has been looking for window treatments will find that is an array of blinds, shades, shutters, curtains and draperies to choose from. But those are ready-made varieties and if you want a unique look, and then custom-made is the way to go. The latter provide you a perfect fit for your windows- they look much better and offer better insulation too.

Types of Shades

With custom window treatments you also get to pick (at no extra cost), details like right or left cord placement. If you need a showpiece panel that is 12” tall & 15” wide, only custom window treatments will be able to do justice to it. If you prefer shades for your windows, you will never run short of options and can choose from:

These honeycomb shades from Select Blinds allow you to open the vanes to let light in. How cool!

These honeycomb shades from Select Blinds allow you to open the vanes to let light in. How cool!

Honeycomb Shades- These are the perfect mix of form and function with style added for good measure. They are made from very soft materials and can range from filtered to semi-sheer and blackout ones. They are also available in a number of textures and you are sure to find one that suits your requirement

Natural Woven Shades- Interior designers are biased towards this particular style, and understandably so. They are literally works of art- textured and woven very artfully and skillfully by expert artisans. What makes them even more alluring is the fact that they look good in traditional as well as modern style spaces

Fabric Shades- This style adds a calm and elegant look to any room. Many good companies will hand-sew these shades with thread that is color-coordinated & they will also have precision-patterns. They are also available in a range of fabrics and textures and look good in different kinds of settings

 Solar Shades- These are a boon for homes that are in very sunny areas. They let in just the right amount of sunlight through their fine screens and have a very minimalistic design. The diffused light they throw into a room gives your home the soft look it needs even when the sun is blazing outside

 Pleated Shades- The tailored pleats of this style are an all-time favorite. These generally have accordion-style folds that add a very distinctive structure and movement to your windows

 Roller Shades- A perfect match for any room in the house. They fit well on windows, look very neat and un-fussy. In addition to that, the cordless variety is ideal for homes that have children or pets

 Sheer Shades- If you like natural light, without the glare, sheer shades are for you. They provide you the shade and privacy you need and are extremely versatile. They diffuse the light perfectly and let-in just the right amount of sunlight

 Roman Shades- These are very classic in styling and match any kind of decor. They are available in a range of fabrics, colors and textures and can be tailored to fit windows of all shapes and sizes.


If you are looking for window treatments that add just the right amount of charisma and style to your home, opt for custom drapes and let your style shine through!

Romancing the Beauty of Roman Shades

Curtains, drapes, shutters and blinds are just some of the window treatments that are used in a home. Curtains can be airy or heavy, clean of fussy and drapes are that way too. But blinds and Roman Shades have a charm of their own. The latter particularly, add a very soft and polished look to the room they adorn.


Take your Pick

Roman shades exude luxury. Just look how simplicity can make up for the most average decor.

Roman shades exude luxury. Just look how simplicity can make up for the most average decor.

In simple words and in their most-basic form, classic Roman Shades are window covering panels made of fabric that can be either lowered or raised via cord system & rings that are sewn to the back of the shade fabric. When they are raised, this fabric stacks very neatly in evenly-sized horizontal folds. They are the perfect way to keep out the summer heat. Interestingly, the versatility of Roman blinds lies in the variety of styles they are available in:

Unconstructed flat Romans- These are very simple compared to the constructed variant. A single piece of good fabric is hung flat over a window and these shades do not have any additional panels or back bars.

Constructed flat Romans- These shades create a very modern, unfussy and clean look which coordinates amazingly well with different styles. They can also be paired with different types of drapes if you prefer additional embellishments and privacy. The panels of these shades have back bars that provide reinforcement to the fabric which adds to its rigidity & durability

Relaxed Romans- These have a very classy and casual look and are also called London or Soft Shades. They bow down gently when you raise them. Since they have no construction, they generally work well with windows that are no more than 54” in width. The wider windows should ideally have 2 poufs

Balloon Romans- These have a highly decorative look and look stunning in homes that have traditional home décor. These are not very conducive for everyday use and have to be outside mounted. The inverted box pleats at the top of the shades open up to a much softer scalloping towards the bottom folds and look very similar to relaxed Roman Shades

Austrian Roman Shades- These are the most traditional and formal-looking of the lot. They have multiple horizontal and vertical scalloping and clutched gathers along the bottom. because of this structuring, they need double the amount of fabric compared to typical Roman shades, which makes them more expensive than the other styles

Faux Romans- These are not Roman Shades in the true sense of the word and they give an illusion of being like them. But they tend to look very stylish and high-end

Waterfall/ Soft Fold Romans- These have permanent folds regardless of whether they are lowered or raised and could be made of fabric or bamboo

The style of Roman Shades you choose will be determined by the styling in your home and your personal preferences and they have a definite romanticism attached to them. With so many choices at your disposal you can always create a look that is unique to your home.




Cordless Roman Shades. The Safe & Stylish Choice

Nothing dresses up a room with more class then Roman shades.  This versatile window treatment offers options that will fit any style and décor.  Plus, since they are easily installed without fussy cords, you have no reason to be concerned about the little ones or your pets.

Going Cordless

It took Roman shades a little while to catch up, but now they are being offered cordless.  Not only is this safer for the kids and pets in your house, it also improves on the appearance of your window.  With no strings or cords to distract from the shade it stands out as the center of attention.

How They Work

All it took was a simple spring to get rid of the unsightly cords.  To raise or lower Roman without a cord just grasp the tab on the bottom rail and move your hand up or down.  By adding this feature, the common problem of tilting with cords is eliminated.  Midway or fully opened, the bottom of your Roman shades is straight.

Different Designs

Roman shades are available with different fold styles making them an easy fit into any room. 

·         The Classic Fold: This is the simplest of Roman shade styles and also the must subtle, especially when raised.  Try using these on windows with beautiful architectural detail like bay windows or picture windows to create a clean look while letting the window stand out.

·         The Flat Style Fold:  The flat style fold has texture but not overwhelmingly.  This is a great option for rooms that need a subtle infusion of color or pattern, without it overtaking the space.  They come in a vast array of colors, making it easy to find the one that complements your home.

·         The European Style Fold:  The European style has the same subtle texture of the flat style but with a curved bottom.  Use this to add class to the style of a room such as in a master suite or parlor.  The look they generate is romantic and reminiscent of Paris in the Spring.

·         The Hobbled Style Fold:  Acts like a Roman shade, looks like drapery.  The hobbled style fold uses a lot material to create a flowing curtain look every time you open them.

Once you have decided on the style, you can begin to peruse through the many fabrics and colors that Roman shades come in.

Other Options

The incredible cordless option is not the only thing Roman Shades have going for them.  You can use them as a room darkener by adding a black out panel.  This is perfect for the master suites and nursery to promote sleep even during the day.

Top down- bottom up is another feature you can take advantage of with Roman shades. These allow you to position the shade anywhere in the window, letting in the sunlight but protecting your privacy.

Don’t let all of the options scare you away from Roman shades. Once you start thinking about how to incorporate them into the space, you will easily come up with the right look for your home.

Treat Your Home with the Shades They Deserve

A living space is essentially an extension of your personality. Most of us would like a space to surround us, embrace us and allow us to be in harmony with ourselves and our environment. A well-lit home gives us a feeling of being in an open space. However, excess of sunlight can make a room unduly warm for our liking. The ability to control the amount of light that enters a room can give us a control over the type of atmosphere we would like to create for ourselves.

Who does not like to stare out of a window on a sunny day during the winters or watch the rain splashing on the window pane! Talking about windows, most windows have clear glass panes that allow the light to fall through and probably a peek into the inhabitant’s life. Window blinds or shades allow controlling both the light and privacy of your living space.

However, the choice to pick the right shade or blind cannot be based on aesthetics only.  You’ll need to think about various factors such as convenience, privacy, light control and energy-efficiency. Did you know that blinds and shades come with UV protection facility?

Is there a difference between window blinds and shades?

The two terms are often used interchangeably. Blinds consist of louvers or slats that are fitted either horizontally or vertically that can be easily rotated to control the input of light. Slats are made of different materials, including vinyl, wood, aluminium or fabric. Shades, on the other hand, are made of fabric with permanent pleats. They are often referred to as cellular shades. The key difference between the two is the amount of light that they allow to be filtered into a room.

Shades are considered to offer a greater privacy. With the top down bottom up shades, you can easily control the amount of natural light entering a room. Shades also come in different materials and designs.

Honeycomb/Cellular Shades - These types of shades offer flexibility in terms of filtering light. The single cell or double cell configuration allows for light filtering or room darkening, even complete blackout. They are available in a versatile combination of colors to match with your décor.

Roman Shades - Also known as fabric shades they come in various colors, patterns and textures. The pleated look has replaced the need for draperies in a big way. They look elegant and are highly functional in offering privacy. The best thing is that they are available in hundreds of patterns to suit any style and can be customized to cover differently shaped windows.

Bamboo Shades - Bamboo shades allow you to play with light, creating interesting patterns with shadows reflecting the design of a shade. A privacy liner may be required to offer a greater privacy as these shades allow the light to filter in completely.

Roller Shades – Roller shades offer a more economical choice with the ease of a roll up lift system. Again, a wide variety of light filtering fabrics can be chosen to control the intensity of filtering light. They give a more modern and contemporary look to your home.

Solar Shades – Solar shades offer UV protection while providing privacy to the inhabitants of a home. They offer the best in terms of design and functionality.

For a detailed view of designs and functionality of blinds and shades available, please visit us here