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Custom Window Shades . Always a Shade Better than Ready-Made

Anyone who has been looking for window treatments will find that is an array of blinds, shades, shutters, curtains and draperies to choose from. But those are ready-made varieties and if you want a unique look, and then custom-made is the way to go. The latter provide you a perfect fit for your windows- they look much better and offer better insulation too.

Types of Shades

With custom window treatments you also get to pick (at no extra cost), details like right or left cord placement. If you need a showpiece panel that is 12” tall & 15” wide, only custom window treatments will be able to do justice to it. If you prefer shades for your windows, you will never run short of options and can choose from:

These honeycomb shades from Select Blinds allow you to open the vanes to let light in. How cool!

These honeycomb shades from Select Blinds allow you to open the vanes to let light in. How cool!

Honeycomb Shades- These are the perfect mix of form and function with style added for good measure. They are made from very soft materials and can range from filtered to semi-sheer and blackout ones. They are also available in a number of textures and you are sure to find one that suits your requirement

Natural Woven Shades- Interior designers are biased towards this particular style, and understandably so. They are literally works of art- textured and woven very artfully and skillfully by expert artisans. What makes them even more alluring is the fact that they look good in traditional as well as modern style spaces

Fabric Shades- This style adds a calm and elegant look to any room. Many good companies will hand-sew these shades with thread that is color-coordinated & they will also have precision-patterns. They are also available in a range of fabrics and textures and look good in different kinds of settings

 Solar Shades- These are a boon for homes that are in very sunny areas. They let in just the right amount of sunlight through their fine screens and have a very minimalistic design. The diffused light they throw into a room gives your home the soft look it needs even when the sun is blazing outside

 Pleated Shades- The tailored pleats of this style are an all-time favorite. These generally have accordion-style folds that add a very distinctive structure and movement to your windows

 Roller Shades- A perfect match for any room in the house. They fit well on windows, look very neat and un-fussy. In addition to that, the cordless variety is ideal for homes that have children or pets

 Sheer Shades- If you like natural light, without the glare, sheer shades are for you. They provide you the shade and privacy you need and are extremely versatile. They diffuse the light perfectly and let-in just the right amount of sunlight

 Roman Shades- These are very classic in styling and match any kind of decor. They are available in a range of fabrics, colors and textures and can be tailored to fit windows of all shapes and sizes.


If you are looking for window treatments that add just the right amount of charisma and style to your home, opt for custom drapes and let your style shine through!

Treat Your Home with the Shades They Deserve

A living space is essentially an extension of your personality. Most of us would like a space to surround us, embrace us and allow us to be in harmony with ourselves and our environment. A well-lit home gives us a feeling of being in an open space. However, excess of sunlight can make a room unduly warm for our liking. The ability to control the amount of light that enters a room can give us a control over the type of atmosphere we would like to create for ourselves.

Who does not like to stare out of a window on a sunny day during the winters or watch the rain splashing on the window pane! Talking about windows, most windows have clear glass panes that allow the light to fall through and probably a peek into the inhabitant’s life. Window blinds or shades allow controlling both the light and privacy of your living space.

However, the choice to pick the right shade or blind cannot be based on aesthetics only.  You’ll need to think about various factors such as convenience, privacy, light control and energy-efficiency. Did you know that blinds and shades come with UV protection facility?

Is there a difference between window blinds and shades?

The two terms are often used interchangeably. Blinds consist of louvers or slats that are fitted either horizontally or vertically that can be easily rotated to control the input of light. Slats are made of different materials, including vinyl, wood, aluminium or fabric. Shades, on the other hand, are made of fabric with permanent pleats. They are often referred to as cellular shades. The key difference between the two is the amount of light that they allow to be filtered into a room.

Shades are considered to offer a greater privacy. With the top down bottom up shades, you can easily control the amount of natural light entering a room. Shades also come in different materials and designs.

Honeycomb/Cellular Shades - These types of shades offer flexibility in terms of filtering light. The single cell or double cell configuration allows for light filtering or room darkening, even complete blackout. They are available in a versatile combination of colors to match with your décor.

Roman Shades - Also known as fabric shades they come in various colors, patterns and textures. The pleated look has replaced the need for draperies in a big way. They look elegant and are highly functional in offering privacy. The best thing is that they are available in hundreds of patterns to suit any style and can be customized to cover differently shaped windows.

Bamboo Shades - Bamboo shades allow you to play with light, creating interesting patterns with shadows reflecting the design of a shade. A privacy liner may be required to offer a greater privacy as these shades allow the light to filter in completely.

Roller Shades – Roller shades offer a more economical choice with the ease of a roll up lift system. Again, a wide variety of light filtering fabrics can be chosen to control the intensity of filtering light. They give a more modern and contemporary look to your home.

Solar Shades – Solar shades offer UV protection while providing privacy to the inhabitants of a home. They offer the best in terms of design and functionality.

For a detailed view of designs and functionality of blinds and shades available, please visit us here

Blinds for Urban Decor

Living an urban lifestyle has its own unique challenges. Among one of these challenges is creating a desired setting with home decor within respective limitations. There could be constraints with space, designs, architecture and what not. After all, one rarely ever gets all the features of the living space matching exactly how one might have always wished for. It is not a very different story when it comes to blinds and shades for your home either. Window sizes, location, directions and climate have a decent bit to do with how one might choose to have their interiors done with respect to the blinds.

Blinds for your home could be compared to making some sort of an investment, really. You might initially need to put in some energy and time into choosing the right ones. However, once you’ve made a sufficiently intelligent choice, it pays back manifold in terms of utility, convenience and even luxury at times. It’s important to make personalized and smart choices, depending on various variables that might be exclusive to you and not just get what your neighbor did to save yourself the worry.

Let’s see what options a consumer has available in the market, in this regard.

  1. Solar Shades: These are one of the most popular options these     days. They function like screens and assist in filtering light. The     inmates enjoy privacy while still being able to appreciate the view     outside. These also comply with the modern feel of the glass walls, while     saving you from UV rays.
  2. Roman Shades: Some Roman Shades come with a light filtering     feature that make them quite a good choice for places that experience low     to moderate sunlight and heat. The sheer material also looks like it’s out     of a dream.
  3. Flex Shades: Already a well appreciated choice in the     commercial sector, motorized flex shades that are available have now been     incorporated into shading options for residential purposes as well. Adding     a classy yet simple appeal to your loft, these also make for a fresh take     on interior decor.
  4. Skyline Gliding Panels: Commercially available in a variety of     colors and textures, these add an unprecedented luxurious dimension to     your living space. Semi-sheer gliding panels give a better control over     the appearance as well as the incoming light. However, with solid colors,     you have to be wary of the effect they could have on the room temperature.
  5. Graphic Shades: For developments that allow alterations in     exterior appearance, these could be a refreshing option as opposed to     something commonplace. Similar in the appeal are the Printer Roller Blinds     that could be complimentary to your interiors and may fit at non-standard     angles. Again, the Townhome community development rules need to be     considered prior to making this choice.
  6. Single Electric Roller Blind: These make for a plush looking     interior space, effortlessly. The pluses include the clean look, light     diffusion and the sheer convenience of having to deal with not many but     one set of blinds.

For more options and expert advice on issues concerned with attempting to install the right blinds for your space, there are many websites that offer solutions, suggestions, customized blinds. You could even avail trials with installing specific blinds with websites like

Enjoy choosing shades for your home!

Make More Space In Your Home With Roller Shades

Let’s face it, real estate is not cheap in most areas of the country. Families are growing, often with multiple generations residing together, and space is cramped. An alternative use for window treatments, specifically roller shades, is to use them as room dividers, which, although they cannot technically give more space in a home or apartment, they can certainly divide sections and provide some degree of privacy. Many families find this to be a welcome relief, especially when they feel that they are outgrowing their existing space at a rapid rate.

Not everyone can afford to do extensive home renovations, and many homeowners are looking for practical and affordable ways to make their living space more efficient. Using roller shades has become an excellent way for homeowners to make more space for their families, without having to invest a great deal of money in permanent renovations. This may be especially attractive to those families that are trying to save up money so that they can afford to purchase a new home that is large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably.

A roller shade can be used in place of a wall to provide at least some visual privacy in a room. Roller shades can be hung from the ceiling or across a corner, and allow for quick division of a room into smaller segments. This means that you can essentially create more “bedrooms” at night, but have a more opened up space during the day to conduct the activities of daily living experienced by most families.

Motorized roller shades are also a possible option, and make it even easier and more convenient to change the space quickly. This is a more expensive option, but may be a viable one for some families that wish to have more control over the shades.

Although roller shades are actually designed as a window treatment, this flexible option is becoming more popular as people strive to make the most out of their space, while keeping the décor attractive and keeping the family happy. Roller shades come in a variety of fabrics and materials and can block some or all of the light.

If you are looking for flexible options for dividing your space, then consider adding roller shades to make better use of the space in your cozy home.