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5 Tips for Updating Your Home Décor With Window Treatments

Have you been looking at the same window treatments for years, tired of them but not sure how to actually update the look without completely re-doing your entire house? You can get big results from small changes, when done right. Here are five tips to keep in mind when you are trying to redecorate your home, with low cost upgrades that will make everything look fresher and newer:

1.       Less is more when it comes to window treatments. For the most part, heavy, ornate window treatments are not currently in fashion, except for in some of the most formal living areas. The average person is leaning more toward simple, yet elegant window fashions. Instead of having long, heavy curtains, take advantage of natural lighting and use decorated valances, or upholstered valances that match or complement your current furnishings. Add a blind or shade for privacy, as needed, and enjoy tons of natural light, with simple, complementary window dressings that can be easily customized to accompany any room.

2.       Texture is a trending topic. Window coverings that are made of textured materials and natural materials are all the rage in today’s most chic homes. Consider rolling shades made of bamboo, or lovely Roman shades made from bamboo or other natural materials as you try to modernize the look of the rooms in your home. The natural fibers give a beauty and style that adds to any décor, but can still be rolled up to allow for natural daylight whenever desired.

3.       Colors do count. When selecting colors, it is important to select colors that are not only going to be complementary to the other colors in your home, but you want to make sure that you are choosing colors that are contemporary. You have probably been in homes that have obviously not been updated in decades, don’t be that homeowner and make sure that you choose colors that are in hues considered current and attractive, not dated.


4.       Light can make a room appear larger. Smaller spaces really can benefit from the addition of natural light, so whenever possible, you want to use a shade that can be raised and lowered to let in plenty of light, rather than heavier draperies. If privacy is a concern, choose a shade that lowers from the top as well as the bottom, like some of the options available in today’s Roman shades.

5.       Consider the lines of the room and the objects that are already there. Most rooms are filled with straight lines and corners. Adding in some softness, perhaps with a rounded valance or a blousy shade can help to soften the lines, especially in a room such as the kitchen, with many corners on cupboards and many straight lines on the windows. Add some interest by adding some different shapes.

These tips are intended to help anyone make a room more updated and more pleasant. When you take into account the high visibility of window treatments, because most people are naturally drawn to look at the windows in a room, then you want to make sure that your window treatments are the most attractive and most beautiful that you can find.