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Keeping Your Home Cool in the Summer with Window Treatments

With the summer months approaching, many homeowners are looking for ways to keep cool that do not necessarily involve air conditioning. While those in the hotter climates cannot usually avoid using air conditioning, many in temperate climates can simply control the heat in the home with the right window treatments.

In some areas, simply closing draperies or blinds during the sunniest parts of the day can help keep the house cool. On breezy days, draperies or blinds can be opened, allowing the windows to be open and letting in some fresh air to make things feel nice.

Draperies that have a plastic solar protection panel added in can be the best way to keep out the heat. One of the ideal characteristics about draperies during the hot weather is the folds and pleats, which can help with the heat convection and keep the heat from entering the home and making it too stuffy and warm. Some draperies are known to reduce the heat entry into the home by more than 30%, which can be significant when you are trying to reduce air conditioning costs associated with the warm weather.

To keep the heat out, it can be helpful to hang the draperies close to the window itself. When the draperies are longer than the sill, or even down to the floor, energy conservation is maximized. Adding a cornice or valance to the top can also help, since heat rises, and the valance or cornice can help to trap it and prevent it from entering the room.

For draperies that are a few inches away from the window, try using a Velcro strip on the sides of the windows to further seal things off and keep the hot rays of the sun at bay. As the temperatures cool when the sun goes down, draperies can be opened and the windows can let some wonderful breezes in to cool the house down and make it more comfortable for sleeping.

For those who prefer a more natural heating and cooling system, window treatments can be chosen that can help naturally heat and cool a home, without the need for excessive use of the air conditioner. Use the money that you save on air conditioning to enjoy fun summer activities!

Changing Seasons, Changing Window Treatments


Your windows can help to decorate your room no matter what season it is or what style you've chosen.  Simple changes can create big effects if you know how to use shades, blinds and treatments to their maximum potential.


When decorating a room it can be easy to overlook the windows.  Although people might think twice able to drapes they'll use, they often don't give a second thought to blinds or shades and how they can be used to enhance a new style or even revitalize a room without needing to have a complete makeover.

Color and Light

Shades and blinds enhance the look of a room with two simple but effective methods – their color and their opacity.  Shades or blinds come not only in a huge range of colors but also with the ability to allow a certain amount of light to pass through them.  This opacity, combined with their color, makes them an ideal way to decorate rooms which have seasonal changes as well as areas with more enduring styles.

Making the Change

For windows which undergo changes throughout the year, buying the shades or blinds you need at one time may be more economical.  Consider how easy the blinds or window shades are to change and also consider colors which can be used more than once.  For example, you may want to use bright red or deep hunter green window shades during the winter holidays but those colors can also be used throughout the autumn as part of a more earthy and warm decoration scheme.  In fact, the colors you choose can do more than simply create a certain look; they can even affect the entire feel of a room.

Bright or loud colors such as orange, red and yellow are ideal for rooms in which you want to foster activity or creativity.  They are ideal choices for playrooms, game areas and sun porches.  Cooler colors such as greens and blues create a soothing atmosphere and are often used in bathrooms and bedrooms for their relaxing properties.  Sticking with solid color choices for blinds and shades will make them more versatile and if you have many windows the same size you can move them from one room to another.   This means that the same soft green shades which soften the look of your kitchen in the spring can provide a relaxing feel to the guest room during another part of the year.

Don't forget to consider how much light certain shades or blinds allow through.  Bright colors will really pop if you go for a window shade which allows some light to pass through it.  This will also filter the light as it comes through so red shades would cast a warm glow into the room while blue would bathe the area in soothing color.  These kinds of window shades are ideal if you want to use the principles of color therapy for your home. 

Decorating with the use of window shades and blinds can be easy if you know how to use their color and opacity to maximum effect.  For homes with several windows the same shape and size this means you can swap things around depending on the season or even just whenever the mood hits you.  Adding and changing color around your home can keep things fresh and revitalize the look of a room without investing in a huge makeover. 


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